Meet Yash Vardhan Swami Who Is Changing Lives With His Fitness Tips

yash vardhan swami

In recent time the fitness consciousness in our country have increased immensely high and the reason for it is basically the Bollywood and its six-pack trend. Everyone wants to have a good-looking sexy body but not many of them wanna work for it. A good-looking body takes time, efforts, discipline and a lot of dedication.

Yash Vardhan Swami is a famous celebrity fitness trainer who has been spreading awareness and motivating people about the fitness and healthy lifestyle from the past few years. While studying law at Punjab University at the age of just 22 he started his fitness journey. Till today he has transformed 1000+ lives with his guidance and tips. Having started it as a hobby Yash Vardhan got fully into it and finally made it his career.

According to Yash Vardhan Swami, fitness isn’t a destination but a way of life and everyone should be really serious about their health and well-being especially in this technology-dependent generation where we all have become a couch potato and physical activity in our daily life have reduced to a minimum.

A healthy body leads to a healthy and happy life and because of this Yash Vardhan is putting his time and effort to aware people about fitness and a healthy lifestyle. He started a fitness trend on his Instagram as #40kStepsChallenge a unique way of promoting fitness and daily habits and gifted t-shirts to all those who completed the Walking challenge in October 2018.

Yash Vardhan Swami has changed and influenced so many people’s lives including celebrities clients like Sumedh Mudalkar (Krishna: Star Plus), Anna Kler (Best Body: Miss India and Miss Punjab), Shefali Sood (Miss Uttar Pradesh) (Miss India top 5).

His vast knowledge of fitness routine and diet and effective results have made Yash Vardhan a celebrity favourite among the industry and he is also among the top ten gym trainer in India.

Even at just 24 years of age Yash Vardhan Swami has touched and influenced so many lives. He hopes to send his message of awareness about fitness and a healthy lifestyle to each and every single person of our country and contribute to the movement of Fit India.

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