Mistaken Identity: Ali Zafar VS Ali Fazal

Ali-03 [tps_footer]Ali Fazal and Ali Zafar are namesakes in Bollywood and their common first name is becoming the source of much confusion.

Now the latest is ​that ​Ali Fazal is receiving a lot of calls on a daily basis to be a part of a special Eid event to be held in Lucknow. The organizers want him to sing a song for the occasion.

No Ali Fazal is not turning singer, ​i​n​ ​fact, the organizers have mistaken him for Ali Zafar the singer.

“I’ve been getting calls for ​A​li ​Z​afar, (laughs), is funny…. They wanted me to sing at an event.. I said, my events take place in my bathroom.. I am not Ali Zafar though​. It​’​s ​A​li ​F​azal. The guy was quite the fighter. He thought ​I​ was dodging him.. I said we actors do that. Hehe, but not this time..” says Ali Fazal

Despite of repeated efforts to explain the situation,​ this organiser is now adamant to not budge! S​o​ much so that Ali’s management too has been trying their very best to make this person believe that Ali Fazal and Ali Zafar aren’t the same people.

We are sure that these two are not the only ones facing this problem. Celebs such as Akshay Kumar and Akshaye Khanna & Emraan Hashmi and Imran Khan must have faced the same issues.[/tps_footer]

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