Mr. Cricket Mike Hussey Gets Up Close And Personal With Harbhajan Singh In Quick Heal Bhajji Blast With CSK


The penultimate episode of Qu Play’s flagship Show “Quick Heal Bhajji Blast with CSK’ promises a cricketing goldmine. Australian Cricketer Mike Hussey or ‘Mr. Cricket’ as he is fondly called got candid with his ex-Mumbai Indians and current Chennai Super Kings Team Mate Harbhajan Singh.

In the very beginning of the episode, Bhajji presented a very special No-Sledging award to Hussey who later confessed that people might not consider him Australian after receiving that honor. Bhajji expressed his admiration and surprise over Hussey’s calm demeanor to which Hussey recounted an incident where he was on the receiving end of sledging from Bhajji himself, a trait that Bhajji attributes to his Australian contemporaries
Bhajji dishes out an unknown trivia about Hussey that he wanted to be a science teacher. Hussey agreed and recounted how he has a teaching degree in Science especially Chemistry and he wanted to be a teacher and play cricket simultaneously as Teachers get holidays and also their working days get done by 3 pm.

Bhajji in a effort to dig deeper asked Hussey how did he get christened as “Mr. Cricket” . Hussey recounted an incident in county cricket where he was playing against Lancashire with former England captain Andrew Flintoff and his compatriot Brad Hodge. Flintoff after watching Hussey practice in the extreme weather conditions remarked that he has never seen anyone who loves cricket more than Hussey and named him ‘Mr. Cricket’. Brad Hodge upon his return to Australia spread the name amongst his teammates and the rest is history. Bhajji recounted how Hussey always had a prize to his wicket and he had to struggle a lot to get him out and he was happy when he did.

If its an Australian, no conversation is complete without World cup memories. Hussey recounted the 2007 World Cup Final where they found Gilchrist passed out in a gym five minutes before the final started and he went on to make 149 in the game.

Comparing the cricket of the their time and the teams, Bhajji & Hussey talk about technique and how T20 has had an adverse effect on the quality of test cricket but also a boon for associate nations to improve on their game and get more opportunities. Hussey confesses he doesn’t miss playing anymore and is concentrating on his family. On being asked the question that is he a good cricketer or a good father, Hussey answered that he wants to be a good father and he is trying to make up for all the time spent away from home. Hussey talked about playing and spending time in India and how it has been a learning experience with the pitches and the cultures.

On being asked on what he wants to take back from India, Hussey remarked that it’d be the food especially Dal Makhni.

Bhajji brings out his signature Bollywood questions and makes Hussey confess his crush on Priyanka Chopra and makes him mouth the famous DDLJ dialogue ” Bade Bade shehron mein choti choti baatein hoti rehti hain”

In closing, Mike Hussey supported India’s stand on the controversial DRS technology and asked for more improvements before it can be completely implemented.

Hussey, after staying away from social media all his cricketing years has just joined Twitter & Instagram as @mhussey393 and confesses that trolls scare him.

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