Naseeruddin Shah Yet Again Comments On Rajesh Khanna And Justifies His Statements!



[tps_footer]Naseeruddin Shah sparked a war of words when he commented on late superstar Rajesh Khanna. Shah took to the microblogging site Twitter and commented that Rajesh Khanna was a poor actor. The following opinion irked many fans and also Twinkle Khanna criticized Naseeruddin Shah for making such a post on a public domain.

Akshay Kumar then ended this argument by closing the matter by all means; the Khiladi stated that no further discussion about this should take place. Moreover, Shah also apologized for his statement to Twinkle.


Seems like, the Ishqiya actor is not very sorry for what he said. The actor, who is known for his amazing performances, recently was present at a master class organized by Neville Tuli at the Liberty Cinema. The session was packed with like-minded individuals and Shah spoke about how industry used Rajesh Khanna and then cast him away!

A Wednesday actor said, “The start of plagiarism in Hindi movies began in the early 70’s – the mediocrity in music, script writing, story telling, acting everything. Who were the popular stars of the 70’s apart from Mr. Khanna? Joy Mukherjee, Biswajeet Chatterjee. Does anybody remember these gentlemen? They were very big stars. There was also Jeetendra. The trinity of Dev Anand, Raj Kapoor and Dilip Kumar was on the wane. The film industry needed a new icon and Rajesh Khanna filled that role. The fact is the industry created him, used him and cast him away when he was no longer a money-minting machine.”


The highly talented actor then commented about his recent twitter war saying, “Everybody who has got upset with what I said, none of them has contradicted what I said. They all said, ‘How can you say a thing like this. Have some respect for the dead.’ What respect did the film industry have for Rajesh Khanna when he was alive is my question. He had thousands of people outside his bungalow. Does that make him a great actor? So anybody who has thousands of people outside his bungalow is a great actor is that what you are trying to say.”

Naseeruddin Shah added, “If you speak your mind, there is nothing wrong with it. I suppose one should be at times a little diplomatic that is what I have been told. But I don’t see the merit in that. I think one should say what one feels and if you have ended up offending somebody then that is just too bad.”

On speaking about the apology he made for his post, Naseeruddin Shah commented, “I apologised to his family because I can understand their feelings. I have not apologised to anybody else nor have I withdrawn that statement.”[/tps_footer]