Neetu Kapoor Still Has Hearts For Ranbir Kapoor’s Ex, Katrina Kaif?

Everyone knows that Ranbir Kapoor is extremely close to his mother, Neetu Singh. The reports were rife stating that Neetu Singh’s displeasure about Ranbir and Katrina Kaif’s relationship, was one of the key reasons behind their break-up

In fact last year, in an interview to a glossy, Kat had even said, “In love, opposition comes from either outside force or from the person you are in love with. Every relationship and love story has its own conflicts.” This seemed like she was pointing in Ranbir’s parent’s direction.

Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif enjoyed the glorious attention while they were in a relationship (even though neither of them directly admitted to it ever) and even their break-up was much-discussed and a lot of things were said indirectly. The ex-lovers had even moved together and made a small home for themselves. Their break-up came as a rude shock to their fans and followers.

Neetu Kapoor who was said to be unhappy about Ranbir’s choice then seems to have changed her mind about Katrina. Well, why do we say so if you ask? It is because of something Neetu did.

The yesteryear actress is extremely active on social media platforms especially on the photo-sharing app, Instagram. She often posts pictures along with the family as well as other things on her social media account.

Recently, her particular activity caught the eye. She liked one of Katrina’s recent pictures from an award show! Does this means she still likes the Bollywood beauty?

What prompted a sudden change of heart, we wonder!


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