Nidhhi Agerwal On Nepotism: To Be Very Honest, It’s More Difficult For An Outsider


Having no filmy background, Nidhhi Agerwal bagged her Bollywood debut project “Munna Michael” opposite none other than Tiger Shroff. The actress, who hails from Bangalore, is aware of the biggest opportunity she has got and feels fortunate being a part of the industry. In an interview with Business Of, the gorgeous Nidhhi Agerwal talks about her journey to Bollywood, her chemistry with Tiger Shroff and much more.

Excerpts from the interview:

How difficult was it to bag debut project?

I am a normal girl from a normal family, from Bangalore. I always wanted to be an actress but didn’t know how to become one. So then I started modeling and continued for three-four months after which I started getting some Kannada movies. That’s when I realized I can actually do acting because I genuinely wanted to be an actress. If am getting something and maybe if people think I can do it, I should do it….then I started working on myself.

How Munna Michael happened to you and how does it feel being a part of this film?

I feel more like I have not chosen this film, actually, this film has chosen me and that’s how it happens with your first film. It’s a great path and I am happy that they wanted a new girl because I feel why anyone else wouldn’t do this film. There’s so much to do the film, there’s so much of dancing, there are so many emotional scenes, interesting chemistry. It’s kind of crazy that I have got to do so much in my first movie.

How difficult was it to match Tiger Shroff’s dancing who is a dancer to a completely different level?

I have been trained in the belly for seven years and that’s the only kind of dance form I am properly trained into. Other Kathak and dance forms I have learned for only a few months. Tiger is obviously very tough, I didn’t even try and nobody can match his dancing. He is a dancer to another level. He does everything that I can’t do…definitely, my background in dance has helped me quite a lot..I have just tried to enjoy the choreography and do it in my style

Tiger is a very encouraging boy, so whatever you are doing in front of him, he corrects it. He asks me to do it in a right way and explains it very well.

How ready are you to deal with the other side of the glamour world?

I know there are lots of things said but I never thought of it as glamour. I am a person who is obsessed with the movies and I always wanted to be in them. For me, it’s always about that and I think these things are everywhere in every field. It’s only that in this industry everything is so public that it comes out in open, that’s the only difference.

Having no Bollywood background, your take on nepotism debate that has been going since a very long time in the industry?

To be very honest, it’s more difficult for an outsider to come till here but I think 5 years from now, let’s see how it is spoken about. Initially, it is severe when you are entering but after some time it is upon you…you have to prove yourself. Like a lot of people have proved…like Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Tiger Shroff, all of these people can do what nobody else can do. Even if they were not star kids, they will be where they are. I think time proves everything.

On her chemistry with Tiger Shroff being loved immensely?

I know everybody is saying that right…our chemistry is better than anyone …I don’t know what to say…it was very good working with him. I genuinely think we like each other a lot, and that’s why it shows (in trailer and songs). It’s not like I am trying to romance him. It’s just like a beautiful song is playing and you are in a beautiful location, so we were just kind of enjoying it.

On working with a phenomenal actor like Nawazzudin Siddiqui?

It was very good working with him…you will see complete different side of him in the film..on set he was very serious, sweet, innocent but onscreen he is like an animal..he is laughing and joking , you will see different side of him soon. Whatever he performs, he performs with honesty..he is very humble, grounded.

How prepared are you to deal with break-ups, link-up rumours and social media trolls?

I have been dealing with this already. I think the best way to handle it is not to’s like these things will happen as they are part and parcel of your work.Link-ups and rumours I have been dealing since school and I think I can deal it even here now…these things are normal and I don’t know why people make it such a big deal…it happens and it’s normal…at the end of the day, your movie is good that’s all matters

First film is yet to release and you have already garnered a huge fan following on social media..How does it feel?

There all are very sweet..they all make such beautiful edits for me and they keep calling me ‘di’, ‘ma’am’ and everything. I love all of my fans and whenever I go on Instagram, I feel good. I genuinely like them. In fact, I even chat with them..there are so many of my fans who I know personally now.

“Munna Michael” revolves around the story of a young man from the streets, called Munna, played by Tiger, who is a big fan of Michael Jackson. Munna then meets and teaches dancing to Mahinder Fauji, played by Siddiqui, who is a gangster with dancing ambitions.

“Munna Michael” is directed by Sabbir Khan, is scheduled to release on July 21.