Oh-So-Adorable!! Shahid Kapoor Confesses About His Little Princess Misha!


Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput have become proud parents of a baby girl, Misha.  Handsome hunk Shahid Kapoor is spending much of his time with tiny tot Misha. The couple was spotted at the airport recently with little Misha, and it looked like were going on a quick break before Shahid gets back to work. His oh-so-adorable pictures with Mira and Misha started doing the rounds on Internet. Before Shahid begins with the shooting of his upcoming film Padmavati, the doting father is loving to be around his daughter around.

In a recent interview, Shahid Kapoor expressed his feelings on being a father of a daughter and how tiny tot Misha keeps him wrapped around her finger and that’s too adorable. He said, “I don’t feel like working. I just feel like staring at Misha all the time. So yeah, in that way it is very life changing. Fathers, the minute they have a daughter, they know they are gone. I have a feeling she is going to keep me wrapped around her finger.”

Shahid Kapoor is such an adorable daddy! We are totally impressed the way he is managing his time for his wife and daughter before getting back to work. We wish Shahid releases a pic of Misha!