OMG! Clash Between Bharti Singh And Sidharth Shukla


Bharti Sidharth Shukla[tps_footer]Television industry’s handsome actor Sidharth Shukla who has become an ideal husband after doing Balika Vadhu is not getting along with terrific stand-up comedian Bharti Singh on the sets of India’s Got Talent. It’s so important to get along and work as a team to give your best to the project that you are a part of and when difference pop in, that’s the time even a petty reason can turn out to be the reason for shutting down a show. It’s sad to know they are not getting along although Sidharth and Bharti look pretty chilled out when they are shooting together but off screen there is just a cold war between the two of them. But, where did it all start from?


You will be surprised to know what has happened between Sidharth Shukla and Bharti Singh. Sidharth is upset over the fact that Bharti talks nonstop and throws the best of funny one liners back to back and she doesn’t leave a lot of space for Sidharth to perform and speak. He has been trying to cope up with this behavior of Bharti but now it’s too much for him to take. Well, dear Sidharth, you need to grab the limelight, no one will especially give it to u and as far as Bharti Singh is concerned, she has no filters and she speaks without a full stop. But, she is super confident, talented and so hilarious, none of us can deny this.


We love to see Sidharth Shukla and Bharti Singh performing together and we would love to see them hosting the show together even in future. We hope this will continue to happen and we will get to see a lot of talent, humour, on India’s Got Talent platform and not negativity, rivalries.[/tps_footer]