OMG! Kamaal R Khan Threatens To Beat Sidharth Malhotra


krk-&-Siddharth[tps_footer]We all know after the surprise success of Deshdrohi, Kamaal R Khan has been staying on cloud 9 and he refuses to come down to earth. More than working in movies this handsome, talented, (sorry wrong words) sensitive actor is busy in commenting on other people and is so glued to twitter. Does he even log out ??

There are people who say they are married to their work, but our dear KRK has tied the knot with Twitter and he has successfully offended tons of people online and even after millions of people asking him to shut up and leave twitter, he is still going strong on twitter and now he has sent a warning for Sidharth Malhotra as Sid had back answered the Mini Hulk KRK by defending Alia Bhatt.


For KRK, Sidharth Malhotra doesn’t exit. Although they have worked together in Mohit Suri movie Ek Villain starring Shraddha Kapoor, Riteish Deshmukh and many more, he still doesn’t have a good rapport with Sidharth.

So here is what KRK has to say, “Sidharth is a non-entity. Uski itni badi aukat nahin hai ki KRK usko pictures bheje. He’s on my contact list and I may have sent my film reviews to him, but nothing else. And I dare him to show any picture sent by me. It would certainly be there in his chat history. He was miffed because I made a comment on Alia Bhatt’s picture in a bikini. Since Alia is like a daughter to me, I just said that she was looking childish in a bikini and she must not wear it. That bugged Sidharth. I know people do get carried away in love. But, one must not go mad.”

That sounds lame ! If Alia is like your daughter KRK, then please tell us which father on this planet will tweet for his daughter such a nasty message online for everybody to read ???


Don’t know if he will answer this or not, but he had more to say and he also claimed that he has a lot of respect for Karan Johar. Thank God ! For once we got to know, this guy can respect someone at least, and that lucky boy is Karan Johar. It’s difficult to resist his charm. KRK said, “I have better things to do than morph the pictures and send them to losers like Sidharth. I have 13 business ventures and I can hire 15 managers like Sidharth Malhotra. I can assure you after three movies, Sidharth will become like Jimmy Shergill. I kept quiet till now because I respect and adore his mentor Karan Johar. But I’m so angry with Sidharth’s silly comments that I have sent a message to KJO and told him that I will beat his protege black and blue if he rubs me the wrong way one more time.” hahaha.. We think KRK didn’t watch Sidharth‘s movie Brothers opposite Akshay Kumar. He didn’t even spare Jimmy hahaha..

Why God ?? Why do you create such samples and send them on Mother Earth to ruin the peace of mind of other people who are actually successful and have a good heart and a capacity to think right. Certainly we are not giving theses lines to KRK, in fact after he is here on Earth, we have begun to feel that God can also make “mistakes”. What are your comments for KRK ????[/tps_footer]