OMG Videos! You Won’t Believe Accidents Outside Hrithik Roshan And Hema Malini’s Houses


Just a few metres away from Hrithik Roshan‘s old house, Hema Malini‘s newly constructed building and the iconic Dharmendra bunglow, Juhu Scheme has witnessed multiple motor accidents and very frequently. It has become one of the most susceptible areas for motor accidents. Especially, a certain spot on Road No.11 and a stretch leading to Road No.12 and Juhu Gymkhana.

The videos captured by residents of Vithal Nagar raises the concern and demands immediate action for avoiding such accidents by installing of traffic lights and speed breakers.

Watch the SHOCKING videos here:

The society members have time and again complained to the Local Traffic Police and the BMC but no action has been taken so far. “You just can’t drive safely on this road even if you want to, someone might spring up from anywhere and bang your car. All that we are asking is for few speed breakers and more street lights. But every time, we are told by an A to see a B, who directs us to a C. It’s the same old story of ‘passing the buck’ and nobody saying that ‘yeh kaam mera hai’,” a society member, Naresh Hansrajani was quoted saying.

Further, Hansrajani said, “The paucity of speed breakers is felt even more if you look at the lights on this road. The darkness also makes it a very safe ground for miscreants, who are often seen lurking in corners especially at night.

Rakesh Roshan, a resident of the locality also said, “Motorists must drive very carefully in the lanes and bylanes of Juhu Scheme. Things have become very dangerous. We definitely need more speed breakers and lights on our roads.

The road outside my building Goswami Towers has become terrible. Motorists avoid going through Road No 10 which is actually the main road simply because it has speed breakers. So they zip, zap, zoom through Road No.11 and if you see the videos, they’ll tell you the entire shocking story,” Manoj Kumar’s son, Kunal Goswami was quoted saying.

Prakash Mehra‘s son, Puneet said, “I have been mobilising the residents and we have taken up the cudgels, but we are tearing our hair out and failing to understand that why this simple job is not being done on our road which has become almost like a death spot.” He stays at a stone-throwing distance from this dangerous junction.

Danny Denzongpa’s son Rinzing, who is the neighbor of Puneet also highlighted the problem saying, “People don’t stop at the intersections near our house and it’s getting riskier by the minute.

That’s really risky. Hope BMC is listening and acts on it soon enough.

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