Oops! Asin Says No To The Queen Re-Make?


asin feature asin feature.2jpg[tps_footer]We told you how a South producer director is looking to remake Queen in four languages, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu. He had even talked about how he is looking for a perfect lead in the film and is in talks with many A-list actresses.

You would expect actresses to be very keen on taking up the film but it seems there is one actress who doesn’t think the same way. It seems Asin was approached with the film and she has turned it down.

The reason as was quoted by a source was the usual date hassles. She is apparently too busy with her Hindi commitments and doesn’t have time for the remakes. But according to insiders, her refusal to be part of the film stems from the fact that she doesn’t want to be part of any more remakes. An actress whose career began with a remake Ghajini, has apparently resolved not to be part of this trend anymore.

Funnily, Asin is working in a film opposite Abhishek Bachchan which is supposed to be loosely based on Shatrughan Sinha and Vinod Khanna starrer Mere Apne.

Did we miss something here Asin?[/tps_footer]