Oops! Kajol And Ajay Devgn Are Having Fights Every Other Day


The Bollywood actress Kajol is always getting into trouble with her actor husband Ajay Devgn for being ‘too honest’.

Bollywood actress Kajol is known to be honest and sometimes terribly honest on her thoughts and opinions. She likes to tell it straight and not cook up stories and drama for the sake of things. While her honesty is a good quality, Ajay Devgn, her husband and actor feels differently.

In a recent interview while promoting her upcoming film ‘VIP2’ the actress revealed how her honest words get her into trouble with Ajay Devgn. Kajol admitted that her husband always blasts at her for being so open with her comments.

Ajay Devgn gets into trouble for those extremely honest opinions and Kajol has to suffer. She told Deccan Chronicle, ‘’Huge cost. Ajay (Devgn) blasts me every other day. I can’t take diplomacy seriously even though it lands my husband in trouble with people in the industry.‘’

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Kajol also claimed that she tries to be nice but ends up botching it up. Luckily she always gets away with it but Ajay Devgn reprimands her for being so honest with her words. ‘’At parties, he chides me for saying things as is. But believe me, I say things in the nicest of ways with the best of intentions. Fortunately for me, people forgive me a lot. It’s difficult to be diplomatic. I’ll forget what you lied about.’’

The mother of two and a successful actress, Kajol explained how actors have to live to please others. She admitted to a leading tabloid that she doesn’t do it, but sometimes its necessary to dress up and show up for something.

’’Actors have dehumanised themselves. We hold ourselves to these impossible standards because we’ve created them. Looking a certain way is an issue we’ve created. I wear regular stuff, clothes which are comfortable. It’s not airport fashion. It’s what normal people wear. I can’t wear stilettos while travelling. Flats were created for a reason. What is size zero? I don’t understand it. I can’t allow critics to pressure me.’’

Of course the actress understands that onscreen she needs to be a certain way and that’s all, otherwise she hates making an extra effort for paparazzi waiting at the airport. ‘’ It’s ridiculous to look perfect all the time. After long flights, everyone looks like they survived a calamity. I don’t take the fashion police seriously. People have accepted me for who I am. On screen, there are requirements, which I understand. But beyond that, we need to draw the line.’’

Kajol will be seen in Velaiilla Pattadhari 2 (VIP2) next, directed by Soundarya Rajinikanth, starring actor Dhanush in the lead. The movie is said to be a romantic-comedy and is due to release on August 7, 2017.

We sure admire Kajol’s honesty; hopefully she doesn’t land in any trouble.