Oops! Sanjay Dutt In A Legal Trouble Again?

Sanjay-Dutt[tps_footer]We all know how much Sanjay Dutt loves to party, spend time with family, friends and with his die hard fans too. After completing his jail sentence Sanjay is no more guilty about any other legal proceedings but his back to back parties are ready to put him in a legal trouble. It’s good to party and enjoy ourselves but not at the cost of other people especially neighbors. Unfortunately, our Bollywood stars always forget that there are other humans too around them while playing loud music and enjoying the company of their friends till the next morning. So, what is fun for them can be tagged as disturbance and nuisance by others.


Similar to this has happened once again while Sanju Baba was partying, residents at the adjoining building, Dr. Chhaya Shukla– anesthetist at Jaslok Hospital called cops to stop the party and the loud music which was played till 4am. Now we don’t want to sound like a moral police but that’s not really a party time. Anyways, it didn’t take too long for the cops to take action against this fresh complaint against Sanjay Dutt. And, his neighbors claimed that it’s not the first time they are facing this issue because of Sanjay Dutt partying so hard. He used to do this even before he was in jail and now when he is back, Sanjay is surely making his presence felt but it’s not the right way Sanjay Dutt.


We hope Sanjay will watch out and keep his eyes on the clock when he will party next time as we don’t want to see our Sanju Baba going through a legal trouble ever again.[/tps_footer]