Ouch! Did Kangana Ranaut Just Take A Dig At Deepika Padukone While Commenting On Intimate Scenes?


Kangana Ranaut has taken an indirect dig at Deepika Padukone with this comment on doing intimate scenes.

Kangana Ranaut not known for mincing or measuring her words speaks straight out of her mind. She is not here to impress or even be politically correct. What ever she speaks, she is sure to make headlines.

Now we all know that Kangana and Deepika have been rumoured to be arch rivals. At a recent interview for Rangoon, Kangana made a comment, which appeared indirectly taking a dig at Deepika.

On being asked on her intimate scenes, Kangana was very upset. She went on speaking on why such questions needed to be asked. Following this, she said, “this is our bread and butter. But people talk in frivolous ways. And I never talk like that about my work. There is always a risk of being misquoted horribly, but it is better than saying I love Shahid’s boxers. Isn’t it better?” she added.

Ouch! So Deepika Padukone had reportedly made a comment on Ranbir Kapoor’s boxers while promoting the film, Tamasha. She had said, “Ranbir has the cutest boxers by the way.”

Now this was surely a dig taken at Deepika. We wonder how Deepika will react to this.