Over The Course Of 5 Years, Farhan Akhtar Performed Across 150 Cities Spreading Awareness About MARD


Farhan Akhtar Live was initiated to support MARD which is a social campaign launched by Farhan. It has completed 5 years this March and over the course of these years, Farhan Akhtar Live has taken over 150 cities across the world.

MARD was conceived after an unfortunate incident in August 2012, when his 25-year-old employee Pallavi Purkavastha was brutally raped and assaulted by the watchman.

In association with music composers Salim – Sulaiman, Farhan also composed a song “Chulein Aasman” which is about female emancipation, a song about freeing women from the roles that they have been coerced into playing for centuries.

Over the years Farhan has been working on innovative ways of creating social awareness among the youth

Farhan Akhtar Live is effectively tapping the youth and has influenced many young people and aims to encourage more youth to take a step against Rape and discrimination of women.

Holding the concerts in different cities has helped the cause immensely. It has successfully reached out to the young minds across the globe.

Over the course of 5 years, Farhan Akhtar Live travelled to 150 cities which included Mauritius, Singapore, USA, Australia, Kenya, Middle East and the United Kingdom.