Does Pakistan And It’s Artists Deserve The Respect That We Give Them?


Kabir-Khan-[tps_footer]After the shocking and annoying incident happened with Bajrangi Bhaijaan director Kabir Khan at Karachi Airport, this is the biggest question we have on our minds. Does Pakistan which is known as a hub of terror deserve respect, forgiveness from us ? It’s a shameful act done by those Pakistani people at the Karachi Airport who have given tons of abuses to our director Kabir Khan and they have proved themselves to be violent and full of hatred towards our artists, nation and it’s people.


It’s so insulting to see what has happened with Kabir Khan, it was all done as if those guys were waiting for Kabir Khan to arrive at the airport and record a video of insulting him. But, the fact is they have insulted themselves and their own nation. Kabir is known to be a gentleman and a very professional director, not just Pakistan, he has shot in Afghanistan too for his movie Kabul Express and his movies are set up with a political-terror backdrop. This is more than enough to trigger the violent side of many people who say they love their country by degrading other countries and its people.


We have loved and respected Pakistani artists like Fawad Khan, Ghulam Ali, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Mahira Khan, Imran Abbas Naqvi and more. But, what do our artist get from our neighboring country ? Terror, violence and abuses are not the answer dear Pakistan. It’s the humbleness of Phantom director Kabir Khan who has ignored the whole unfortunate incident and asked media not to give attention to it. But, we will never tolerate such indecent behavior and cheap mentality of Pakistan and any other country towards us and our people.[/tps_footer]