Pancholis File Contempt Petition Against Jiah Khan’s Mother

Bollywood’s most controversial suicide case, Jiah Khan‘s suicide shook the industry the way she ended her life and the way her suicide note was shown. After the actress gave up on life, her boyfriend and Bollywood’s fresher Sooraj Pancholi was taken to the custody after Jiah blamed him for the death. After that the suicide had been the talk of the town for very long. The case came into bigger news when the Pancholi family filed a case against Jiah‘s mother Rabia for making defamatory statements against their son to the media and on Twitter.
The family also had requested the court to ask Rabia to stop giving statements like before. Now the case took another turn when the Pancholi family filed a contempt petition against Jiah Khan‘s mother Rabia Khan on Thursday.
The defending lawyer Prashant Patil said that Rabia Khan keeps posting defamatory material on her Twitter account against Sooraj Pancholi and the family. He also said that between May and December 2015, she posted five tweets and gave an interview where she again passed comments on the Pancholi son and family.
The hearing of the case of Jiah Khan suicide case is going to take place next week.
Let’s see what happens next in the case and which party of the conflict gets justice.
Sooraj Pancholi, who was in the news after Jiah Khan committed suicide made his Bollywood debut with the film Hero opposite Athiya Shetty and was also seen in GF BF opposite Jacqueline Fernandez.