Photoshopped Picture Of Priyanka Chopra Causes Ruckus



Priyanka-Chopra[tps_footer]Hold your breath guys, Priyanka Chopra is on the cover page of Maxim India for their June/July edition and oh boy she is raising some hell in black!

Our darling PC is known for the glam queen that she is. Smooth skin and gorgeous look, she is every man’s desire. However a recent revelation is doing the rounds in the media. The picture portrays Priyanka holding up her pony which reveals her underarm which is well…digitally edited.


Somewhere, this is something that is far beyond natural. While we have seen the natural skin tone of Priyanka in movies without any amount of edits of course, this cover picture however it is a complete opposite of what we see in general. We agree that this can somehow affect the young women who are always trying to deal with the perfection that the celebs have. They start loathing themselves due to the lack of perfect skin and looks, something they do not understand. It is impossible to look perfect all the time and such acts by the celebs themselves can affect the majority of the teenagers!

Well, more the natural, the better of course. Everyone has tried to compare themselves with the celebs at least once in their lives and disappointment has followed for many. We just hope this dire urge for perfection stops and people embrace themselves for who they are![/tps_footer]