Phir Hera Pheri Director Fighting For His Life!


Neeraj Vora, director-actor had suffered a major brain stroke and is showing no signs of recovery since past 2 months. The condition has only gone worse and did not show a single positive sign even under expert care. According to reports, the actor is presently fighting for his life.

His ongoing project was Hera Pheri 3 as a writer and director. He is known for bringing full-time family entertainment on the screen. Being a serious comic writer, he builds characters which audiences can relate to.

Neeraj had monetary issues. A number of money-related transactions were made in the past, which caused him a lot of stress. Since then, he was very quiet. Soon after, he suffered a brain stroke.” says a source.

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Firoz Nadiadwala (producer of Hera Pheri) visited him in the hospital a couple of times. At the moment, he is clinically stable but not symptomatically. We will have to wait and watch.” source added.

Basically, from Gujarat, he made his debut in bollywood as a writer in Aamir Khan‘s film Rangeela. First film directed by him was Khiladi 420 release in the year 2000. He wrote and directed Phir Hera Pheri and many other films thereon.

We wish him a speedy recovery!!!