PK: ​Check Out Aamir Khan Tweets In Bhojpuri​


Peekay Aamir Khan will be seen speaking in Bhojpuri in his upcoming film P.K. The actor learnt the language thoroughly for the film but he has not left it there.

The poster of his much talked about film P.K. released and went viral on social networking sites. Aamir himself put up the picture of his poster. He has been promoting it on social networking sites by talking and commenting in Bhojpuri.

The poster has aroused the interest of people and has created a huge buzz. It has sparked curiosity and generated excitement.

Fans are retweeting and interacting with Aamir Khan. They are commenting on his posts and reposting the poster. Aamir has been receiving a lot of feedback from his fans who are especially amused with his Bhojpuri tweets.

Aamir Khan practiced the language for the film and he has also taken it forward by speaking in a Bhojpuri lingo to people around him.

The actor speaks in this newly learnt language to his family, friends and even staff. Aamir greets people in Bhojpuri and even has long conversations with them in the language with ease.