This Popular Singer Demanded 5 Crores For Performing In A Birthday Bash


This popular singer who has crooned many hit songs in Bollywood recently got at odds with a rich and famous businessman. The background story is that, the businessman wanted to throw a birthday bash for his teenage son and make it a grand occasion.

This singer is the teenage son’s favourite and demanded from the richie-rich daddy, that this singer to be called for the bash and perform to all his favourite soundtracks. To the shock of the parents, the singer demanded a whopping amount of 5 crores for a relatively short stint and c’mon it’s just a birthday party!!

Obviously the offer was pulled out and obviously the teenage son wasn’t happy. He tried hard to get his parents to accept the singer’s demand. But, they didn’t budge.

The singer in question has found himself in middle of a lot of controversies and is very insecure of his career. At this birthday bash, which later became the talk of the town saw many interesting happenings. Like this one hot actress performed for free, but kept complaining about how the richie-rich family had not paid her anything even after she found out that her contemporaries had charged for their performances. Also, this one hot couple made the paparazzi’s day by making a show together.

Coming back to the singer, any guesses who that might be? Comment in the section below.

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