Most Powerful People On Twitter


Tweeter-Cover-PicTwitter recently released a list of influential people on the site who are most followed and retweeted. None of the first five surprised us as they deserved to be where they are. It is also interesting to see friends turned foe going back to back. It’s as if whatever they do, they are incomplete without each other.

The fifth position went to Sachin Tendulkar who bid adieu to all forms of cricket a year back. His farewell speech wet everyone’s eyes and it isn’t a surprise that he is part of the list. He is still missed on the field and off it too. And perhaps that’s the reason why he is so popular on twitter.

The fourth position went to one and only Salman Khan. There is no rocket science as to why he is one of the most powerful celebs on Twitter. His quotes are as weird as his films but people still love him like crazy.

The third position went to Shah Rukh Khan who seemed to be the apple of everyone’s eye. Being a well-educated and learned man, SRK’s tweets are a perfect blend of amusement and knowledge. His mischievous self is often at play on Twitter when he writes quirk quotes. Many websites run only on his tweets, trying to figure out what exactly SRK meant when he said, “I am happy and well.”

The second position goes to the actor of the millennium Amitabh Bachchan. He is the first celeb who kickstarted the trend of announcing family news on twitter. He disclosed about Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s pregnancy and her subsequent child Aaradhya. Even today, he likes to give out specific details about his life and work through his handle.

And the first place goes to our honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Since his boisterous campaigns across the country, his abki baar modi sarkaar trended insanely. Now, people are interested to know where are the achehe din?