Prabhas Reveals How Baahubali Became A Blockbuster Film!


Prabhas shares how Baahubali was actually filmed.

Baahubali has taken hearts since the beginning and now you will know the reason behind it. Why and How? Prabhas in an interview with a news daily, shared how this happened. He reveals the stress, the hard work and everything that was done by the entire team of Baahubali. Looks like the movie was a huge challenge to them.

So, while speaking of, he shared how things were planned well before and everyone knew that this film is going to take them down if it doesn’t turn up to be the way their expectations were.

‘Even if Baahubali became a hit, it wouldn’t be enough, and that was a big flop in our minds because the producers had put in a lot of money in the film. If it had flopped, neither Rajamouli nor I could have helped the producers. Because even if we did three films each for them, they would perhaps not recover the money that they put into this film. So Baahubali had to be a blockbuster to recover the money, revealed Prabhas.

So, now we know why this movie was released in so many languages and how the team managed it all. Speaking of the way he shot his action episodes, Prabhas said, ‘Initially, I gave 80 days for the action episode but it extended to nearly 120 days. On the whole, I gave 300 days for the action episodes of the film.’

Later, he kept talking on the same and told reporters as to how tough it was for him and these are his words, ‘It was not that easy to shoot the action episodes. After we completed one scene, it would take three to four hours to set up another scene and also, each episode costed lakhs of rupees. The whole atmosphere was like a big factory with thousands of employees.’

After revealing so much about his movie and how the team had planned things up, we believe that his efforts and everyone else’s were worth a shot and that’s the reason why the first part became a hit. Totally worth it Prabhas.

Meanwhile he is promoting the final part of the film innot just Tamil Nadu or the other parts of South, but also in Gujarat, Bihar and Haryana. The film will initially release on April 28th, 2017.