Preity Zinta Miffed With Paid Media!

Preity Zinta[tps_footer]Preity Zinta will always be a charming face and a beautiful actor with full of life screen presence. She has lived her life and career on her own terms whether she got a superhit movie or series of flops, she never backed out. And, now things have finally started working in her life. But there is still something that hasn’t changed about Preity. Any Guesses?


Don’t stress! We are here to tell you that, recently, Preity was asked to share her opinion about the constant topic of discussion, whether media spreads negativity or not? And she replied, “Actually, paid media has spread like cancer & is truly destroying the integrity of Indian media. It’s sad.”

Oops! Looks like Preity didn’t move on from her past issues with media. And yes, she has a right to her opinions and so do we !! But, it’s weird, media barely gets praised for giving the right information or catching hold on the real culprits. Very easily people rubbish and abuse a wrong article or the truths revealed about their favorite public figures, which people find it hard to digest. But they forget to appreciate a good one, any credits to the writers, publishers, reporters?


It’s a tough job being a media person and yes, there are people in media as well who will not bother about the work ethics and will go to any extent to get popular and come first in the race of TRPs. But, not all are the same. There are exceptions everywhere. We hope the bitterness related to media in general gets resolved in the hearts of all those who like to see only one side of the coin.

And, as far as Preity is concerned, it’s always been a proud moment to see her fighting against the odds and bad incidents that she has faced in her life. She has always maintained to have her own voice and opinions. And she always fought for what she believed in. Similar, to what a lot of people in media do but it won’t gain that much of attention as much as it will when a star will do it. Right?[/tps_footer]