Prerna Wadhwan On Ishqeria: Richa Chadha And Neil Nitin Mukesh Were Super Excited To Do The Film


In an exclusive conversation, Ishqeria Producer and Director Prerna Wadhwan reveal her experience, how she finalized the starcast and much more.

This is your 1st film as producer and director. Share your experience.

Making a film is a labor of love. We join this field, not for any other reasons but simply because we are creative. I always loved stories. Reading them. Watching them. And as far back as I can remember I always wanted to tell stories. But it’s never that simple. One can’t simply reach this city and say I’m gonna make a movie. It’s time-consuming and hard. It requires a lot of patience dedication and persistence. I had to build my own network of people, pitch to actors and create a professional team. The work is hard but the reward for watching my film in a theatre is the best feeling ever.

What is the subject of the film?

When Kuhoo, a small town girl from an all-girls school joins a hip co-ed university, a true behenji, who thinks herself as the queen of fashion, sees Raghav for the first time, she knows she’s going to marry him and have his kids!. The problem? He doesn’t seem to even see her!. Her gang of girlfriends plot to make Raghav fall madly in love with Kuhoo. What ensues is hilarious attempts at wooing, getting a behenji to turn mod and a love story that will make you relive your college

What made you cast Neil and Richa?

I always wanted a true to story cast for Ishqeria. Apart from their skills as an actor(which really need no explanation) they brought the characters to life, both of them related to the characters and were drawn to their simplicity and the drama. Neil and Richa were the right fit. And they have portrayed the characters really well.

Yes, they haven’t done this kind of a role before but that’s what excited all of us. The audience wants to see different things, wants to see their favorite actors in different characters. I for one always wanted to an unsustainable pairing and actors who will surprise their audience by simply being a part of a love story.

Richa and Neil also were super excited to do the film because it was an unusual character for them along with being so relatable.

Richa has dedicated a scene to Sridevi ji, pls share details

I am huge of fan of Sridevi Ji. Always have been. While writing the film I wanted the character to also be a fan of hers. Coincidentally Richa too is a huge fan and she loved the idea. So many times on set she would break into a dialogue from chaalbaaz or Mr India. When we were shooting a sequence between the two lovebirds Richa suggested we talk about Sridevi Ji as well. She wanted to. And we all loved the idea.

What kind of music has Papon given? Are there any other music director also?

The Film is young and so is his music. Papon has created toofani hawa that I believe is like a college anthem. His other creation is a song called yaadein yahin Banti hai about friendship and the days in college. And his third song which is an absolute blast is the holi song – jeans pant air choli. We wrote these lyrics simply because that’s how holi is played today! The song is traditional and still very modern. It has elements of dubstep as well as the dhol. I met Papon for making the music of my film after listening to the music of his band. It’s sensational. And I believe the music he’s given to Ishqeria is also spectacular!

Rashid Khan has also made the music of two lovely songs in the film. The love song (already out) assalatul, a soulful romantic number and milon ke faasle that takes sad songs to another level. Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan has sung it. It has elements of qawali in it.

Newcomers Emraan and Wasim have also made one song.

You have shot in a place which was very cold, how was that experience.

Mussoorie’s weather played havoc with our schedule. We faced bitterly cold night shoots – i pitied the girls as we were showing it as summer and the weather suddenly turned. We faced hail storms. Again outdoor shoots in Mussoorie stopped. But our actors braved the weather and hats off to the cast who supported the film and made up for all the lost time.

What other films are there in the pipeline

There are a couple. It’s too early to speak about them. Soon I will officially announce my next project.