Priyanka Chopra In Legal Trouble For Not Paying Workers

Priyanaka-Chopra-2[tps_footer]Priyanka Chopra who is busy roaring in the Hollywood for her latest projects like second season of Quontico, her first hollywood movie Baywatch, the news of Peecee going to lend her voice to The Jungle Book along with Irrfan Khan, Nana Patekar and many more. But here we came across an issue which can turn out to be a big trouble for our desi girl.

Remember the ad shoot Peecee and her team undertook as their first project for her production house, now there are allegations for defaulting the payment to workers hired for an ad shoot in April-May last year. And unfortunately now, the workers’ union has decided to boycott the production company until their dues are cleared and have asked their union heads to take an action against them in order to get paid for their work soon.


Gangeshwar Srivastav, general secretary of Film Studio Setting and Allied Mazdoor Union, has said, “It has been almost a year since our members rendered their services to Priyanka Chopra’s Purple Pebble Pictures, which hasn’t released the payment yet. After sending them a couple of reminders, her (Priyanka’s) aunt and two persons involved with the company, Ishaan Dutta and Amit Vij, had come to meet us. They assured us that dues of Rs 16 lakh would be cleared soon. However, they made payment of Rs 5 lakh to the art director. What about the workers? Now we are left with no choice but to issue a non-cooperation notice against Purple Pebble.”

Another close source has said, “The total dues came to nearly Rs 36 lakh, of which only Rs 20 lakh has been cleared. The remaining amount has been withheld for reasons best known to them. We sent them the bill twice in December last year, but they have not responded so far.”


Anil Nagrath, secretary, Indian Motion Pictures’ Producers Association (IMPPA) says, “PPP has already paid the art director but he hasn’t paid his workers. In addition tothe money cleared, a cheque of Rs 5 lakh is lying in IMPPA’s office but the art director has not come to claim it. Now the workers are harassing PPP. It’s a plain extortion racket. Why are the workers continuing to work with such a art director ?”

No reactions and statements from Priyanka Chopra and from her team has been reported, it’s a legal matter and we will have to wait for Peecee to come up with her statement on this. We hope things get sorted between the workers and Priyanka Chopra, peacefully.[/tps_footer]

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