Priyanka Chopra’s Mother Talks About Her Thoughts Regarding Her Daughter’s Marriage


Madhu Chopra, Priyanka Chopra’s mom says her daughter will marry whenever she desires to.

Priyanka Chopra is conquering the world with her acting career back in India and in the Hollywood. But, whatever she achieves she will be looked upon as an Indian woman who has reached the age of marriage. Some would say she has passed it. Whatever the world says, Priyanka is not someone who would hear as she goes on acting in movies worldwide and producing various movies. Along with that she is giving good responses to trolls and has decided to let her work talk. In all she is phenomenal.

Recently, Priyanka’s mom Madhu Chopra had an interview with where she was asked a question regarding her daughter’s marriage. She said, “If she finds real love, I would want her to settle down. Otherwise, I don’t think she has to. She has worked very hard to get where she is. Just because her mom wants her to get married and she gives in, isn’t something that as a mother I wish for. And this is my advice to all career driven girls.”

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The mother of the actress further encouraged girls to move forward and succeed in life. She said, “The girls are making a headway in such a difficult world. For girls, it is double the efforts to prove that they are worth it. Why would they want to give that up? They put in so much hard work to get to a place where a guy would have reached rather easily, then why give up? I am for gender equality. Both should be given equal opportunities and they should be selected on merit.”

While regarding Priyanka’s professional life, she is currently shooting for her second movie in Hollywood, A Kid Like Jake. Later, she will start shooting for the third season of Quantico.

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