Proud Moment: Priyanka Chopra’s Purple Pebble Pictures At Cannes

Priyanka Chopra

3 films by Purple Pebble Pictures to be screened at Cannes

Priyanka Chopra has been in the news for her promotions of the film Baywatch and her glamorous bikini looks at Miami. Now her production company has three films lined up for screening at Cannes.

Purple Pebble Pictures is a regional film production unit. The company has a number of films that will be screen at the film festival. The first one is ‘Little Joe’ a film in Hindi and Konkani. The film is about a kid Joe who is lost in the world of his own drawings of cartoons. The second in line is ‘Nalini’ a film in Bengali, Marathi and English. This film is a drama about Rabindranath Tagore, the Nobel Prize winner for Literature. The last in line is ‘Little Visitors’ a film in Sikkimese.

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Purple Pebble Pictures is operated by Priyanka Chopra’s mother Dr. Madhu Chopra. The company was launched two and a half years back. Priyanka has always been interested in film production and has developed her own production strategy for regional film. She uses her brand value to promote the films. Priyanka Chopra put in her own money into the three films. When they started doing well and winning awards the investors increased. Priyanka aims to find International investors for her company so that the regional films are not shelved due to the Bollywood mainstream films.

Interesting facts about the name of the film company were revealed by Priyanka’s mother Dr.Madhu Chopra. She said that she would call Priyanka her rolling stone, this sprung the idea of Purple Pebble Pictures that was alliterated with Purple to symbolise royal.

Until date Purple Pebble Pictures has produced six films. One of the films ‘Ventilator’ has won three National awards.

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