Producer Vikas Vashishtha Talks About His Film Shadow Of Othello Starring Sanjay Mishra!

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Shadow Of Othello is a comic take on Shakespeare’s popular play Othello and has been directed by Isteyak Khan!

Another visual experiment has been performed on Shakespeare’s popular play Othello as the producer Vikas Vashishtha is bringing a different version of it to the audience. His film Shadow Of Othello has a comic take to the story, which has been tried for the first time.

The producer said, “When the script of the film was brought to me, it was so terrific that I felt a film has to be made on it. What happens usually with small budget films is that they lack speed. But this film’s script was so nice, that it brought a sense of speed in the film.”

While the film has a star cast which includes names like Sanjay Mishra, Ipsita Chakraborty, Vikram Kochar, Tina Bhatia and Ashish Shukla, there was one known name who could have been a part of the film. “Pankaj Tripathi got too busy with his own commitments and we had to carry on with the film. So unfortunately, he couldn’t be a part of the project,” explained Mr Vashistha.

When asked if his film carried any message for the audience, he said, “As a filmmaker I believe that every film should have a social message. This film tells us that our society has different shades and one of them is that people get jealous or get affected by negative vibes very easily. So this film teaches us how we can judge our own flaws and can fight against them to become a better person.”

Shadow of Othello has been directed by Isteyak Khan, who has also acted in the film.

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