A Prominent Filmmaker Takes A Dig At Priyanka Chopra?


Priyanka Chopra has indeed marked her name amongst the top actress’s and is ruling the globe and making us proud with all her accomplishments by winning hearts in the west. The actress came more to fame with “Quantico” which is a Hollywood project. This isn’t the first international project that the actress has taken up but has many other to add to the list.

The gorgeous PeecCee recently appeared on an American chat show hosted by Chelsea Handler. During her conversation with Chelsea, Priyanka pointed out how India has no clue about the concept of weekend. She decided to come to India and finish her pending work as she got weekends off from ‘Quantico’.

Looking at this comment from PeeCee an Indian filmmaker made some revelations. The filmmaker said, “I hear she’s turning down projects in India to focus on her career in the US. Which is fine. Now she declares on American television that she returns to India only on weekends to complete her work and that too because she gets time off from her American series. Since she really doesn’t have any films to complete in India I suggest she concentrate on consolidating her career in America. We’ll manage without her somehow“. The filmmaker mentioned above had apparently offered her a vibrant and a memorable biographical role.

Well after this we await what PeeCee has to say about it.