Purab Kohli Becomes The Owner Of A Rare Bike!


Purab Kohli


Purab Kohli is someone who has always been an adventure lover, who has also hosted a lot of travel shows in the past. Riding bikes is what Purab has always loved. He had a Royal Enfield which he rode for 8 years, and now after so many years Purab is all set to take a new bike to pursuit his passion. Purab has recently booked a Triumph; one of the most niche luxurious brands in the market currently for adventure bikes.

There are not many owners of this bike in India and Now Purab is one of them, he has booked a White color 800 cc XCA bike which will make him the only owner of such a bike in India till date. It is an adventure bike meant for tough routes and trips and Purab has booked it because he is planning to go on to some adventurous trips in the forthcoming months. The market value of the Bike is 20 lakhs.

A spokesperson says, “Purab was always into adventure, he loves bikes and always wanted to own a bike like this. This is not his first bike, Purab earlier owned a Bullet Electra 350 and was planning to buy this one for a long time and then finally he ordered it. Before buying this one he made sure to research on it.