Why Radhika Apte Wants Short Films To Be Included In Award Ceremonies!!


Radhika Apte firmly believes short films should have a special category in award ceremonies.

The beautiful actress is well known for her phenomenal acting skills and her alluring looks.

The actress who started her career with theater and later ventured into films has been adopting short films lately.

All award shows of Bollywood have plentiful of categories and specifications consisting of best actors, singers, movies, lyrics and many more but misses out on the inclusion of a very important one every year.

As the actress has been very upfront and bold about her thoughts, this time she has put forward a major subject that has never been raised before.

Radhika Apte feels that every award functions should incorporate a special different category of short movies in their list.

This will not just help short films to be more renowned but the audiences will also have a better exposure of the same.

Inculcating such movies in award ceremonies will further encourage all kinds of cinemas irrespective of their formats.

Adding all these formats to award functions will count up to the accomplishments of Indian cinema.

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