Radhika Apte Says She Can’t Compare Two Films!


Radhika Apte is an actress who is known for her unconventional roles and films apart from mainstream films also.

But she does not compare two films when she has to choose one. Radhika’s criteria for signing a film is not dependent on whether it’s a mainstream film or regional.

Radhika says,“No matter, if it’s a mainstream, indie or foreign film, signing a movie depends on a lot of factors. I can’t compare two films on the basis of one being ma instream and the other being regional. That’s, not the criteria for me to choose a film”

The talented actress who has acted in many movies in different languages feels language should not be a barrier for actors.

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She adds,” I have acted in seven languages, out of which three I could fluently speak, I can speak Bengali as I had learnt the language. But I cannot understand Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam and I did movies in those languages. But it can be worked out.

Radhika Apte likes working in movies that have different languages, she further says,” Its because you understand their culture, and how it’s different. You understand how language can change a particular scene because of its cultural references”.

Having said that working in movies whose language you don’t understand has its own difficulties, Radhika says ” In that case, it is difficult to improvise and one has to go with his or her instinct. Once you practice that and take it ( the language and barrier) out of your head, then you can focus on what you are doing, how you are emoting and be present in the scene. But I think not being able to improvise and understand every other word that the other person is saying makes it a bit difficult. But I think slowly, you begin to learn the language”.

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