Raging Forward Musically With His Artist Mine Music Company & Creatively: Shubham Kalosiya

subham Kalosiya

What if we say there is a boy as good as 24yrs of age owning his own Event management company & not just that a music record company “Artist Mine music” too. That’s right. Usually, when people accomplish so much at a very tender age, our typical reaction to it is surprising !! Well, our nation is full of such gifted young blood that we should be used to it now, and feel proud that our country blessed with such talented people like Shubham Kalosiya.

Born on 28th October 1995 brought in Pink city of Jaipur was creative from childhood and loves everything which is innovative, happening & keeps exploring everything new. He loves singing, and that is the reason he builds his dream company called “Artist mine music”.

Shubham also loves exploring new places just like he keeps exploring new arenas in music & events.
Other than music this talented guy also had five years of experience in managing events & he has handled many significant events in his tender age some of his famous events includes Badshah ft Aastha Gill live concert & many other big concerts & events under his company “Skulls events”. He has been steadfast in also managing film promotions in Jaipur. Phew! How much work is he doing at such a small age? This man has undoubtedly got some talent which is going to give him a name which is going to shine with many influential people of India.

The work which Shubham does needs enormous talent, which he has from a tender age. Well, anybody can guess who his favourite actor would be in that case its hands down Ranveer Singh who himself is a ball of energy. Cricket is the religion of our country everyone loves cricket & Shubham is no behind, he derives inspiration from all those sportsmen who are solely dedicated to their game & tries to apply the same zeal & drive to grow ahead in life.

From what we see Shubham is already a thriving entrepreneur but his desire to keep learning, exploring & knowing things makes his motive & aim to become an even more successful entrepreneur stronger day by day.

This purpose & willingness to do something bigger & better every day is a sign of a successful person who never wants to stop learning & being better every day.

This drive to be what you want to be in life is a lesson that we all should learn from Shubham. On that note, we wish Shubham all the luck for the love of his work & may he keep doing what he does best !!

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