Are Railways Important In Bollywood Films?

Railways and Bollywood together cover The Modi Government did feel the heat when the railway ticket rates were hiked. A lot of discussions and dharnas later, a few caps were introduced in the policy. Today, we are waiting for the rail budget to hit the Parliament so that we know achey din aaye ya nahi. While we wait for the outcome, we thought of chronicling how important railways are in Bollywood films. Read along.
aradhana Aradhana
Do you think Aradhana have been complete without Mere Sapno Ki Raani? Of course not. That was the song that peaked audience’s interest in the film. Although the scenes were shot separately and later assembled together, the essence of romance was intact. Our first superstar Rajesh Khanna wooing his woman of dreams Sharmila Tagore singing an ode to her. That’s how important are our trains in films!
sholay Sholay
Trains were nothing less than characters in the film. Thakur meets the rogues Jai and Veeru in a train after nabbing them. A battle with bandits ensues and Thakur is enlightened about their skills. Do you think he would have known whom to use for his revenge if he hadn’t taken a train tour to the jail? Of course not.
dil se Dil Se
Farah Khan would have been as famous and Malaika Arora Khan wouldn’t have turned into a much sought-after item dancer if Khan hadn’t thought of putting her stars atop a train in the film. ‘Chaiya Chaiya’ is an anthem now and nobody can forget the way Malaika and Shah Rukh Khan danced to that tune.
dilwale Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge
We wonder what would be off Rahul and Simran if he hadn’t boarded a running train and she hadn’t dashed to join him. Would the film have been a hit? Guess not. In fact, the train has been used as a metaphor in a lot of places. The journey of Simran and her family from a foreign land to their hometown has been depicted through it. Also the instance of Rahul lending her a hand to board the train in the beginning and end has been used as a gesture of love.
jab we met Jab We Met
Here too train has been chosen as a metaphor to depict the hyperactive aspirations of Geet aka Kareena Kapoor. Missing a train is something she was dead against but always manages to miss it. Had that not been the case, she would never have been to a ‘descent’ hotel with Aditya aka Shahid Kapoor and changed his life forever. Later on, she even defines the confusion in her life as missing her train to life. Interesting!
chennai exp
Chennai Express
This film too has made use of train to ignite the love between the Rahul Maithaiwala, Shah Rukh Khan and Meenamma, Deepika Padukone. There are few scenes in the film that depict symbolism from Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge. Well Bollywood knows best how to use train as a metaphor to portray love between the hero and the heroine.