Rakesh Roshan OPENS Up On Son Hrithik Roshan’s Divorce With Sussanne Khan!


Father Rakesh Roshan opens up on son Hrithik Roshan’s divorce Sussanne Khan like never before.

Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Khan have parted ways but the two have been inseparable. The two are often seen hanging out with their kids Hrehaan and Hridhaan on holidays along with their commoner friends. As well; Sussanne Khan was very much a part of Hrithik’s Kaabil promotions in some or other way. No doubt Hrithik had a tough 2016 year, but Sussanne always stood by him as a friend. Their back to back appearance left many fans to question about their reconciliation.

Being parents of two young boys, Hrithik and Sussanne as responsible parents are seen sharing their responsibilities without a glitch. Well, Rakesh Roshan has spoken about his son Hrithik Roshan’s divorce from Sussanne Khan, to whom he was married for over ten years.

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Talking to BT, Rakesh gave his take on the failure of their marriage and called it “destiny”. He said, “Sussanne is a really nice girl and I have nothing against her. Whatever happened between Hrithik and her is their kismat. You can’t change destiny. I must say that they are shouldering their parenting responsibilities well. Hrehaan and Hridhaan have lunch with the entire family almost every Sunday. It’s a family ritual. Sanskaar maa baap se aate hain.”

“Children observe everything – how their parents are with each other, do they respect each other, are they warm towards elders in the family and so on. Hrithik and Sussanne are respectful of each other and their families, which their children have also imbibed. For instance, touching an elder’s feet is something they have learnt from Hrithik and Sussanne appreciates that, too. Also, Hrithik is a guy who doesn’t hurt anyone and that’s why everything around him is so positive.”

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