Rana Daggubati Speaks About His The Ghazi Attack Journey, Baahubali 2 And Much More!


Baahubali actor Rana Daggubati, has geared up for the release of his upcoming film “The Ghazi Attack”, which is based on the Submarine PNS Ghazi attack which happened in 1971 at Visakhapatnam. In an exclusive interview with BusinessOfCinema.com, Rana Daggubati talked about his role transformations, his struggle while shooting for Baahubali 2 and The Ghazi Attack at the same time and much more. Daggubati is also quite excited for the film Baahubali’s comeback and feels that part two will be bigger and better.

On ‘The Ghazi Attack’ trailer response from the audience

It feels very nice as we have tried something new and unique that has not been tried before. We have also tried to tell about the kind of visuals that is very unique. I am happy that people have taken this content and have watched it. It’s quite a satisfying feeling.

What are the criteria when you pick such strong roles?

For me it’s just a story that I want to tell…I see if the story has something to tell or if it’s the character that I haven’t played before. It’s a combination of all these to make me try to do a different film every time.

If it’s difficult to transform from one role to another.

It’s really difficult but that’s my job to play different roles at different times for different films. That’s the only thing that keeps us going. It’s just like to wake up with different people each day and there are certain research and things to learn from everyone and from every film. For example, the film I did, “The Ghazi Attack”, which is an inspiring story on a true incident that happened in 1971. You get to understand the period of 1971, you get to understand what India had done, what the war of terrain used to be. These are the things that you don’t learn otherwise. So I think the cinema we are into has given me grounded experience that I ever had.

What made you say yes for Ghazi attack 

The reason I took this film is because it’s a very important story to tell. It’s about the incident that happened nobody knew about. I have heard the stories of submarines. So when you hear all these stories and finally find a full-fledged story for it, you want to be more than happy to be the part the film, making it a larger experience.

On working with Kay Kay Menon, late Om Puri and Atul Kulkarni

This film is an action drama and we obviously needed some very fine actors to be a part of this film. So I guess all these people kind of elevated this film far from what it was on paper and they were very instrumental in getting it better and better

How was the journey from shooting for Baahubali 2 to The Ghazi Attack at the same time

It emotionally and physically takes away… they are two very different films, nothing is same. It’s like when you want to do too many different films, you have to push yourself. Jumping from one character to other was a tougher part. When you are doing a film like Ghazi, you are a very content person. You feel like you are recreating the history for the future generations to see.

The success of films like Dangal, PINK, and Neerja have proved that audience prefers content oriented films? Is Indian Cinema changing and so are the choices of the audience over Box Office films? 

It’s ultimately Box Office numbers that will decide many things. It is important for the cinema to last. It won’t last if the films will make no money but ya, time and again there has always been necessary to give the audience something far newer from what they have seen before. I think it’s a great time in the country; there are all kinds of filmmakers. So the combination of all these is probably a great foot for the progress.

What people should expect from Baahubali 2 this time?

Big, stronger, far far better than what people have seen in the earlier part.