Ranbir Kapoor Doesn’t Want To Produce A Movie Ever Again


Actor Ranbir Kapoor says he regrets producing Jagga Jasoos calling it a ‘Big Mistake’.

Ranbir Kapoor’s acting skills are flawless. Even if most of his movies don’t fare well at the box-office, his acting is always appreciable. While he has been in Bollywood as an actor Ranbir Kapoor for some years now, he decided to become a producer for the first time for his movie ‘Jagga Jasoos’.

Many people may think it’s good to experiment different things, Ranbir himself regrets the decision. It was the actor’s first production venture and he was not impressed working as a producer for the movie. Reportedly, the actor says that he is turning a producer for the first and the last time.

Ranbir Kapoor confessed that he wasn’t happy the film was made in three years. He made this statement when he featured in a podcast with AIB before the release of ‘Jagga Jasoos’.

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He talked about Anurag Basu’s style of working.He said, ”It’s disorganised chaos. There is no AD system, there’s no script, there’s no schedule. He’ll cancel a 40-day schedule on the third day because he feels it’s not working. When Barfi started, the character I was playing was supposed to be very intense and serious. After 10 days, he suddenly comes to me and says, ‘Maza nahin aaraha yaar. Yeh bahut matlab serious film ho rahin hain. Let’s try and make it more fun’. That’s when the Chaplin and all started coming in. Barfi was successful. So, we forgive that process. So, if Jagga Jasoos does not work, I don’t think this process can be forgiven because it’s irresponsible. You know other people’s time, money (is involved), the other producers waiting for you.”

The actor even said that it was a bad choice to think of producing a movie with Anurag Kashyap and said that he would not produce any other movie ever again. Further, he added, “First and last time. And (Anurag is the) wrong person to produce a film with, because you have no control. And it just makes you feel useless because he is running everything. I can’t take credit for this film. I am very happy I produced this film. I don’t know much about me acting in the film. I don’t know if I am good or not but I am happy to have produced a film like this in India.”

Meanwhile, on the professional front, Ranbir Kapoor has wrapped up the shoot of the Sanjay Dutt biopic in NYC. The movie will release on March 30, 2018.

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