Rani Mukerji’s Comment Over Bollywood Stars Being Judged For Their Airport Looks!


Bollywood beauties Rani Mukerji and Anushka Sharma in a conversation with each other speak about their Bollywood journey, social media trolls and a lot.

As we all know Bollywood celebrities have been putting their best fashion statement forward. Be it at parties or awards event, B-town celebrities try their best to impress fashion police. The stars have to make sure that they dress best as always under the radar of paparazzi. In fact, the stars have to also look after their airport look. It has turned out to be a big responsibility, nowadays. Well, Rani Mukerji has to say something about the same.

In a recent conversation with Anushka Sharma, Rani stated, “I understand the pressure that actors go through today because they are constantly judged. They are constantly judged even when they are going on a flight. Earlier, when you had to go to the airport, you prefer comfortable clothes especially after the security systems became so strict, people wanted to wear slippers and go but today you cannot imagine anyone wearing slippers and going on their flight because then people will say Look at her or him, they are wearing slippers.”

She further said, “Everybody is getting judged. There are stylists who dress you up for the airport and I find it hilarious.”

On this, Anushka Sharma said, “Do you know how I became relaxed about of this? I have stopped giving a damn.”

Rani immediately questioned Anushka, “But do your stylist tell you Anushka what are you carrying a bag for your airport entry? Is there an airport entry and exit look?”

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The Mardaani actress also said, “We say that in Bombay finding a shelter is the biggest thing, our houses are so small. I want to ask people where will we keep so many shoes and bags?”

Rani concluded the topic saying, “I always imagine when we go for security check, those who wear belt and boots, how embarrassing it must be for them to remove them all and then wear it again in front of everybody.”

Well, that’s not all! Rani Mukerji, who is making her comeback with film, ‘Hichki’. also spoke about actors trolled on social media.

She said, “The fans with whom we had love stories, when they used to write us letters, that has now become more of hate stories because actors are trolled on social media.”

The actress thanked herself for not being on social media. Rani said, “Thank God I’m not on social media because I’m married to a very private person.”

Further adding, “I constantly chose not to be on social media for the fact that when you are on social media, you can’t choose that this is the only part that I would like to give it to my fans. You are answerable to the people you are following you, who are reading tweets and people who want to see you more.”

“For me, my existence is, Yes I’m married and I have a daughter. If they ask me for the pictures or for revealing too much about my private life, I can’t suddenly ask my husband to be suddenly media savvy. It’s not possible that I can post my picture with him. I don’t mind giving my pictures because I know I’m in this field. But I can’t take responsibility for my husband’s picture. They ask me to post Adira’s picture every day, I can’t do that. Her father takes certain decision for his daughter as well,” she concluded.

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