Viral Photo: What Is Ranveer Singh Wearing? You Can’t Miss KRK’s Reaction!


Ranveer Singh is making the lenses drool not with his appearance but with his unique choice of attires.

Ranveer Singh is one actor who doesn’t mind flaunting high fashion trends. The actor has surely changed the way men dress. Ranveer with his personality has proved that fashion is not restricted to the female clan but is also an equally interesting area for men to explore.

Entertaining actor Ranveer made headlines when he donned a skirt like bottom, many fans made fun of him while many praised him for his confidence and daring look. Yet again Ranveer is seen in a quirky avatar giving a miss to those clichéd attires.

Ever since, this picture has gone viral and people on Twitter can’t stop joking about it.

Ranveer Singh was spotted wearing this at a restaurant in Mumbai. How could KRK not react. You won’t believe what he wrote.

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