Reasons Why Salman Khan And Shah Rukh Khan Should Patch Up


Shah-Salman-01Shah-Salman-02 [tps_footer]Salman and Shah Rukh Khan were thick friends. They were seen together at many occasions having a great time. Then something happened and they stopped being friends.

One of the reasons being, In 2008, reportedly when SRK entered the party with wife Gauri to celebrate Salman’s alleged girlfriend Katrina Kaif‘s birthday, Salman apparently took a lot of digs at Shah Rukh. As per rumours, Salman was miffed with SRK for not doing a cameo in his brother Sohail Khan‘s film Main Aur Mrs. Khanna. Shah Rukh also retorted back to Salman’s alleged snide remarks and finally Katrina and Gauri intervened before the fight took on a physical nature.

Today, they aren’t friends but are foes to some extent. However, what they didn’t know was how deeply that affected us. When they were friends we rejoiced, when they lost touch with each other, we lost touch with reality. Today there are Salman lovers and Shah Rukh haters and vice versa. Now, it’s time they drop their ego and patch up and here’s why they should.

1. We want another Karan Arjun. Karan Arjun phir kab ayengey?

2. Salman and Shah Rukh belong to the same generation and when they play friends on screen, it looks real.

3. Two Khans together can only spell humungous sum of money at the Box Office.

4. Khan lovers and haters will stop clawing each other down.

5. It will be a huge slap to those who are benefitting from their personal feud.

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