Rebecca Mcallister A Lady With Too Many Feathers In Her Cap

rebecca Mcallister
rebecca Mcallister

The beauty industry presently has an overall global market of an estimated 274 billion USD and is hugely dominated by the corporate world. Today we are gonna talk about one of the most emerging businesswomen Rebecca who has been the hot topic these days.

Rebecca is an entrepreneur, blogger, model, and business owner of one of the most innovative companies of the beauty industry “Smile Enhance” the 7 Day Smile detox, ( oral care ) And “California Glow”. She is amongst some of the fastest growing businesswomen of the beauty and cosmetic industry for the 21st century.

However, her journey of becoming a successful businesswoman wasn’t a walk in the park and has been a lot of struggle for her. Speaking about her journey Rebecca Mcallister stated that she was excluded from her school at 15 years of age for being bleak in studies. She didn’t know where to go and what to do with her and eventually, she came across the teeth whitening and beauty industry and started to train in private courses offering treatments from her house.

She had the philosophy of providing the best service and bringing joy in peoples lives that had slow and abysmal starts, like herself.

This helped her business grow a very broad and faster rate and then she eventually opened her shop and quickly became an emerging name within the industry after opening her 3rd franchise shop worldwide.

Her sparkling attitude towards the business became more and more optimistic and positive by the day, Instead of being more strategic about her business she focused more on bringing value to its customers and there experience rather than just a service which overtime grew her name and business from other companies.

Rebecca Mcallister with her optimistic approach, smart and unique business perspective has become a star of the beauty industry that is something inspirational for all of us.