Remember This Actor From Peepli Live? He Seeks Help On Social Media As He Suffers From Cancer!


Sitaram Panchal, who was Akshay Kumar’s co-star in the film Jolly LLB 2, is fighting cancer. The actor is seeking help on the social networking site Facebook!

The Bollywood actor Sitaram Panchal, who has worked in films like ‘Peepli Live’ and ‘Paan Singh Tomar’ is, unfortunately, suffering from the fatal disease cancer. He was also Akshay Kumar’s co-star in the film ‘Jolly LLB 2’.

Sitaram is suffering from lung and kidney cancer and is on the last stage. Since his health has been deteriorating, he has not been able to work for the last one year. So, he is bound to seek help from his relatives and friends from the industry.

Filmmaker Ashwini Chaudhary has tweeted seeking help for the actor.

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Sitaram’s wife talked to a daily saying, “He stopped eating completely last year as his stomach would hurt all the time. He was constantly vomiting and is extremely weak. He now weighs only 30 kg.”

She also said, “Since acting was his only source of income, he worked between September-October last year when he was slightly better with medication, and shot for small roles in Tigmanshu Dhulia’s ‘Raag Desh’ and Subhash Kapoor’s ‘Jolly LL.B 2’. But the treatment has aggravated his diabetes, which led to him losing his voice.”

Amit Behl, who was tagged by Ashwini in the tweet says, “Sitaram is a senior member of the fraternity and he is in the last stage of cancer. The moment this news got circulated, artistes who stay near his house went to meet him. We have circulated his bank details among various actors and help has already begun to pour in. While we are helping in an individual capacity, the association will try to provide medical assistance via hospitals we have tie-ups with. We are hoping that he recuperates soon.”

We wish the actor a speedy recovery!