After Removal Of CBFC Chief Pahlaj Nihalani, Umeed With Frontal N*dity Released

Pahlaj Nihlani

Pahlaj Nihalani was ousted from the CBFC Chief and Umeed was released with bold scenes and only 1 cut

It’s been only 10 days since the removal of Pahlaj Nihalani and things are moving forward boldly. Pahlaj Nihalani was kicked from his position as the Chief amidst controversies and drama between Bollywood films.

He was quickly replaced by reputed ad filmmaker Prasoon Joshi who has assured that he will do his best to help the board and industry. Prasoon Joshi will hold the post for a term of 3 years.

Only recently, Pahlaj Nihalani revealed that he was doing his best to work according to the rules and not damage the reputation of the board. Pahlaj Nihalani also shared that he would even pay for his own expenses such as hotel and airfare whenever he travelled for his work.

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Movies with graphic scenes, s*x and violence are now being released as long as they are certified correctly. With the whole drama about

‘Umeed’ was released with quite a few bold scenes. The movie is directed by Rajat S Mukherjee and looks at the drug tests done on children. It contains several graphic scenes and crude language. The movie also has a scene where a model is seen exposing her upper body while walking on the ramp.

Sources reveal that CBFC has ordered only 1 cut from the entire film for fear of I&B and have been told to let all movies to pass with a U certificate. “We’ve cut only a shot showing a picture of Mrs Indira Gandhi. We are not allowed to cut anything at the moment for fear of being answerable to the I &B the high command. The brief from the top is to let everything go. If a film is certified ‘A’ it can get away with anything. Those kinds of films that were earlier getting ‘UA’ certificates are now getting ‘U’ certificates.”

Looks like more controversial movies will finally be released with appropriate certification and lesser loss of content.

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