Revealed: Why Imtiaz Ali Chose Shah Rukh Khan For His Upcoming Movie


Filmmaker Imtiaz Ali has given us memorable and unusual love stories like Socha Na Tha, Jab We Met and Rockstar. His upcoming film is his try to break out from the image his stories naturally get.

Tentatively titled ‘The Ring’, it is a story of a free-spirited tourist who falls for her guide while travelling with him across Europe trying to find her engagement ring. Shah Rukh Khan plays the tour guide and Anushka Sharma plays the tourist.

It’s a love story, does it mean, it will eventually be the same? Imtiaz said his aim, at the moment, is to make the film with sincerity.  He added that, “I am just thinking of this particular story and trying to make it in the best way possible, whether it will turn out closer to ‘Jab We Met’ or ‘Rockstar’, I don’t know.”

This is the first time Imtiaz and Shah Rukh Khan are teaming up for a film. Talking about his decision to cast the 51-year-old superstar in his film, he said that they both are making an attempt to break out of the rut and bring to the table what the two haven’t done so far.

“The reason why Shah Rukh and I are working is because both us wanted to do something which we were not doing. For me, I didn’t want to fall into pattern of certain type of film. And he wanted to break out of the pattern that he was in. That’s the reason why we got to work,” said Imtiaz.

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