Revealed: This Is Why Salman Khan Is Avoiding Kapil Sharma


Ever since Salman Khan decided to dump Kapil Sharma’s show for a show with Sunil Grover reports have been rife about a rift between both of them. Finally, the reason behind Salman’s behaviour has been revealed.

Salman Khan has been ignoring comedian Kapil Sharma for a long time. He chose Sunil Grover’s special episode to promote his movie, Tubelight rather than turning up at Kapil Sharma’s show. It has also been reported that the actor has been avoiding Kapil at events. Something very fishy has been going around between the two, as various reports claim.

Now, has reported that the story goes back when Salman used to appear on Kapil’s show to promote his movies. At that time, Salman was made to wait for hours by Kapil before the shoot started, quoted a source as saying, “Salman was also not very comfortable with the fact that Kapil did not give a proper script before a shoot and made a lot of end moment changes. However, keeping professionalism in mind, Salman never made a hue and cry about it. He went with the flow but Salman was surely not very happy about these things..”

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As Salman is known for his short temper, this did not go well with the actor after a time. During the Filmfare Awards 2016, Kapil Sharma was supposed to rehearse a Qawwali sequence with Shah Rukh Khan and as usual, the comedian was running late. SRK waited for a long time to rehearse with Kapil. Salman was present and when he saw Shah Rukh Khan waiting for Kapil, it was the end of his toleration. Later, at the main event of the Filmfare Awards, Salman had greeted Amitabh Bachchan and SRK who were seated in the first row but ignored Kapil who was also accompanying them.

“That was it! Salman Khan never spoke to Kapil post this incident and the two never crossed each other’s path. He still is mighty pissed with Kapil.” concluded the source.

Well, only one suggestion for Kapil: Being in Salman Khan’s bad books is not a choice anyone would love to have. Look at Arijit Singh. Hard luck it was for the singer when he landed on the wrong side of Mr. Khan. Now, maybe its Kapil Sharma’s turn.