Review: Lupt Keeps You Engrossed And Not Even Allow You To Blink


Cast: Jaaved Jaaferi, Vijay Raaz, Karan Aanand, Niki Walia, Rishabh Chadha and Meenakshi Dixit

Rating: 4/5

The story, screenplay, dialogues have been written by the director of the film, Prabhuraj.
The screenplay totally does justice to the genre of the film as it forces the audience to keep their eyes glued to the screen and not get bored or distracted even for a second.
The dialogues are crisp and apt. The Writer has managed to entertain the audience using some witty one-liners as well. The film does not rely on sex, unnecessary jump scares, gory tactics or any other kind of profanity but its gripping screenplay is its power.

Performance Analysis
Javed Jaffrey has come out of his comedy shell and has portrayed a character he is never seen in before. Justifying his ancestral acting talent, Javed Jaffrey has portrayed a brilliant blend of emotions through his character of Harsh Tandon.
Another talked about performance is of Vijay Raaz, who has portrayed the role of mysterious Dev Shukla to its utmost par. He takes the audience in the film with his character and promises to entertain them.
Niki Walia who has been a known face in the television and film industry has stood with her character by giving goosebumps with her enthralling performance.
Meenakshi Dixit is the charming girl next door but her character takes you on an emotional tear jerking ride as well.
Rishabh Chaddha proves in his performance as Sam, his popularity has increased after the “sab marenge” has caught up the internet by storm.
Karan Aanand as a fashion photographer has also managed to do justice to his character. Other supporting characters also performed quite well.

Direction Analysis
Prabhuraj impresses with his direction skills in his debut film. Several sequences in the film are crafted so well that, these will fry an image into your brain but you would still have a moody, edgy story that will make you sympathies for the characters and their struggle even more.

Final Verdict
In Lupt we get to witness the most unique yet satisfied climax to a horror film because this film does not fall prey to old horror film tactics of involving some kind of holy water or some tantric/exorcism practice to fight the ghost.

This film is a must watch for its newness in this genre and its edge of the seat treatment!