Rhea Chakraborty Gobbles Down 35 Plates Of Jalebis For A Scene

jalebi rhea chakraboty

Rhea Chakraborty who will be seen in the upcoming intense love story Jalebi devoured 35 plates of jalebi for a scene in the film.

The scene required the diet conscious actress to eat plate full of jalebis and look perfectly fine. The sweetness overload left the actress not looking at the sweet dish for days to come.

Rhea Chakraborty who is popular amongst the milenials with her social media accounts buzzing with her workout regimes, the young actress is often spotted exiting gyms. This scene definitely made Rhea run to the gym as the actress consumed oodles of calories to burn them.

Rhea Chakraborty says, “I know it sounds quite surreal, but it was so much fun shooting the scene and gobbling down plates full of Jalebis. I’ve restrained myself from consuming anything sweet for the next couple of weeks. Bhatt Sahab wanted me to completely get into the skin of the character as she goes through ups and downs in her life and this fun scene was like a breather as compared to the intense scenes that we filmed”.

The Jalebi actress who would be seen portraying the title role went through a lot of emotionally draining scenes and to see her enjoying herself completely s]as she ate the plates full of jalebis will be a delight for her fans and the audiences.

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