Rishi Kapoor Is Alone Enough For All Pakistani Twitterati


The veteran actor who has always been vocal about his thoughts got into an argument on Twitter about the ICC Championship

Rishi Kapoor has never been afraid of speaking his mind. He may even land in trouble sometimes but it has never wavered his outspoken attitude. Once again, the actor has landed into trouble with some Pakistani Twitterati.

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Last night, after the win of India over Bangladesh all cricket lovers were inundated by this achievement. Among all the cricket lovers we have Mr. Rishi Kapoor who was very happy about this achievement so to express his happiness he took to Twitter and wrote: “We don’t need to say anything more! Tradition of destroying the opposition, as has always been the case, will continue! Blues are invincible!”

But, the veteran actor did not stop there. He wrote about the finals that would take place on 18th June Sunday between India and Pakistan. He wrote: PCB. Cricket team bhejna please.Earlier Hockey ya Kho Kho team bhejin thin. Kyon ki 18th June(Fathers Day) Baap khel raha tumhare saath lol!”

This post was not taken nicely by people of Pakistan and trollers started slamming Rishi Kapoor for his insensitive point of view towards Pakistani Cricket team.

People started trolling him with hate comments but, that’s Rishi Kapoor! He defended the comments without hesitation.

He tweeted: ”Why do you people divert from the main contention. For me Cricket is huge. Talk on that, don’t digress. I know and my country knows who I am!”


When people continued to troll him and told him Pakistan will win he tweeted: ”Ye sab tum sab ko pata chalega 18 ko. He who laughs, laughs the last. O sorry angrezi Hai, tum kya samjho! Idiots”

Rishi Kapoor
After many argumentative tweets, the actor decided to put an end to the topic when he, at last, wrote : ”Achcha choddo yaar. Tum log Jeeton aur hazaaron Baar jeeton sirf Terrorism bandh kar do yaar. Mujhe haar manzoor hai. We want peace and love.”

Indians are having their best hopes for the Indian Cricket team. It’s just a matter of time that everyone will know who wins on 18th June, the finals of ICC Championship Trophy.

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