Rishi Kapoor Gets Notice, Can Get Imprisoned After Doing This!

Rishi Kapoor allegedly has broken some rules.

The Bollywood veteran actor, Rishi Kapoor is in trouble as he has received a notice from the city municipality, BMC. The actor, with his family lives in Krishnaraj Bungalow in Pali Hills. It is being said that a few days back, he had sought permission from the municipal office to trim a few branches of a banyan tree which is in his premises.

The municipality had allowed him to cut six branches of the tree. They even specified the length of the branches to be trimmed. But, now there have issues cropped up. On Wednesday, the BMC’s Bandra West office’s garden department sent a letter to Kapoor, stating that he had cut more branches than necessary, thereby damaging the tree.

The BMC has claimed that the contractor hired by the actor to do the job, has done it all wrong. He has chopped off all the branches of the tree and now only the trunk of the tree remains. The letter issued by the civic body also asks the actor as to why there should not be any action taken against him under the Maharashtra Protection and Prevention of Trees Act.

All this happened after the BMC had filed a police complaint against actor for cutting a tree beyond the permissible limit. The complaint was filed at Bandra police station on Wednesday.

An official from the government body informed, “Under Section 8 (21) of the Maharashtra Protection and Prevention of Trees Act, a person, if found guilty of trimming or cutting illegally or beyond permissible limit, then he or she should be penalized up to Rs 5,000 and imprisonment up to 1 year.” They have asked the police to investigate the matter providing them with photographic evidence.

When Rishi Kapoor was asked upon the matter, he said, “I have a project management team which looks after the job. We have assigned a contractor for it. As far as I know, the tree has not been uprooted. But if the contractor has made a mistake, I will take him to task.”

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